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Anxious for Nothing, But Offending

Human thinking tends to veer towards the visible and palpable, so we are more inclined to be anxious of things we could see overtly. Perhaps, this is also the reason why many of us become more anxious about things and situations that we generally experience from day to day such as concerns over money matters,Continue reading “Anxious for Nothing, But Offending”

By the Heart

Not by the look of my face,Or the color of my skin,Not by my style or ways,Or if I am stout or thin.Not how charming I look,Or the jewelries I wear,As on the page of a book,Or my long glossy hair.Not by my fancy clothes,Or beautiful house I stay,Nothing here worth to boast,They grow oldContinue reading “By the Heart”

The Heart Speaks

If you were in the time of Jesus, would you follow Jesus? If, for instance, you were there walking with the crowd, listening to Jesus speak, and watching Him heal the sick and raise the dead, would you follow Jesus? Then, on the other side, you hear the Pharisees throw accusations to Jesus for violatingContinue reading “The Heart Speaks”