Unspoken Heart (haiku)

The smell of salty breeze.Sand and waves embraced to meet.Unspoken heart smiles. While having trouble sleeping last night, I decided to paint. Well, it is a rough one but I appreciate whatever my little talent could do. God provides ways for us to relax and be at peace. I am grateful for that everyday. WithContinue reading “Unspoken Heart (haiku)”

Silence is the Voice of the Heart

Silence is the loudest voice of the heart. It just sees. It ponders. It feels. The realization is down, down deeper. It knows the truth by conviction. Sometimes saddened. Sometimes joyful. But it always courses every channel. Every way imaginable. So it hopes. Silence have echoes of stillness. Never underestimate it. Never suppress it. NeverContinue reading “Silence is the Voice of the Heart”

Taste the Word of God

If you are hungry for the Word of God, you shall be filled. There may be times you have approached God’s Word as an obligation to fulfill because you need to read it. There may also be times you are just forced to open the Bible because it is there in your schedule. Or, perhaps,Continue reading “Taste the Word of God”

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