Sin No More

God’s grace releases us from condemnation. It is rightly called grace because we do not deserve it from a loving and perfect God. Even with the darkness of sin in us, God can forgive us completely and treat us without condemnation. A love that is so accepting that it powerfully transforms us to change andContinue reading “Sin No More”

Imitators of God

We imitate who we look up to. I remember when I was still a child and I loved to watch my favorite singer or actress on TV. Sometimes, I would try to imitate how they dress up or how they do their hair. Familiar, right? I see teens do the same thing today. We haveContinue reading “Imitators of God”

Direct Your Heart to God

The LORD weighs the heart. The heart, inconspicuous and deceitful, is what God looks at. He weighs the heart of man. We judge by appearances because we could only perceive things which are visible to us but God judges the heart because nothing is hidden from Him. It is a very important aspect and theContinue reading “Direct Your Heart to God”

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