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Don’t Keep It

Some things are for keeps, others are not. Anger is one of the many things that are not for keeps. It is not worth keeping, not only for others’ sake but also for our own sake. Keeping anger, openly or secretly, is disastrous to our mental, emotional, and even physical health. Above all, it affectsContinue reading “Don’t Keep It”

Anxious for Nothing, But Offending

Human thinking tends to veer towards the visible and palpable, so we are more inclined to be anxious of things we could see overtly. Perhaps, this is also the reason why many of us become more anxious about things and situations that we generally experience from day to day such as concerns over money matters,Continue reading “Anxious for Nothing, But Offending”

Break My Heart, Lord

Break my heart, LordFor every sin I do.Break my heart, LordWhen I can’t fear You.Break my heart, LordIf I forget You.Break my heart, LordWhen I love more than You.Break my heart, LordWhen I dislike what’s true.Break my heart, LordWhen I care not what I do.Break my heart, LordHelp me love and honor You. We liveContinue reading “Break My Heart, Lord”