The Blessing in Delighting in God

Some days we wake up and things seem to work against us. We get overwhelmed with many responsibilities we need to fulfill. It is a time like this that we need to be reminded that God is sovereign and He is in control. The more situations seem to spin out of our control or movingContinue reading “The Blessing in Delighting in God”

All His Benefits

Benefits list! Have you ever made one in your Christian life? It is usual for us to take note or even list the benefits we have from our jobs or careers. Financial benefits are on top of the list. When we list down benefits, we are more motivated to work. We become excited with theContinue reading “All His Benefits”

When We Fear God

Repentance cultivates fear of God. Because fear of God is basically obeying God, it is not possible without repentance. Once we repent, we walk in willful obedience to God. Repentance is never an easy road and fearing God is not natural for many of us. It is easier for us to indulge the desires ofContinue reading “When We Fear God”

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