What Little Left

Sometimes we feel small and we feel like we don’t belong. There are instances in our life when we question our worth. This world can be good at separating the rich and the poor, the literate and the illiterate, the beautiful and the ugly, and so many more discriminations in every form. Those who fallContinue reading “What Little Left”

God’s Blessing Knows No Bounds

God’s blessing is not limited by circumstances. Sometimes people think that to be happy, blessed, and prosperous, there should be an ideal situation for it. A full pocket that enables you to buy all your needs and wants. A huge and beautiful house. Your dream career where everyone respects you. A happy family. The dreamContinue reading “God’s Blessing Knows No Bounds”


You give life to my waste placesThe river of life flooding love so pure.You make whole all the broken pieces.The mender of heart, healed and cured. You watered my dessert places.The streams that refreshed me to life.You satisfied my great thirsty urges.The giver of life drowning every strife. You leveled my mountains and valleys.The SovereignContinue reading “Restored”

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