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New Life, New Person

It is easy to fall into the trap of practicing righteousness for a show. This is the sin of the Pharisees in the time of Jesus. They practiced good deeds to be seen by men. It includes the act of circumcision which was required by the law that Jews should practice. They even wanted theContinue reading “New Life, New Person”

No Longer in the Flesh

When Christ died for meOn the Cross at CalvaryHe suffered in the fleshSo I could live afresh.Sin in me ceased to reignIn Christ who was slainedIn flesh I ceased to liveIn His will my life I give.For the rest of my timeAll for God’s will, not mineNo matter what they sayI choose Jesus every day.Continue reading “No Longer in the Flesh”

God Sees Faith

God deals in the heart level. Imagine preparing for a party or a special occasion. We shop for the best dress and shoes. We have to look our best. How we look can break or make an impression. Outward apperances matter greatly to man. People can be easily impressed by the outward show of beauty,Continue reading “God Sees Faith”