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My Heart’s Cry

The moment we call God our Father, we have passed on from the old life to the new life. It is one of the wondrous blessings we receive when Jesus becomes our Lord and Savior. We become children of God. Being children of God is belonging to God as a child belongs to a father.Continue reading “My Heart’s Cry”

Continue Steadfastly in Prayer

How much of your day do you devote to praying? Prayer is like a battery charger to a Christian. It plugs us to the source of energy that makes us move and function according to the will of God as guided by His Spirit through the Word of God. That source is God alone. Thus,Continue reading “Continue Steadfastly in Prayer”

Watch Expectantly

Seek God in the morning through prayer. The time of day does not matter when we want to pray. We can pray any time during the day. However, praying in the morning gives greater significance. Morning implies a time of day when we wake up from sleep and start our day. When we pray inContinue reading “Watch Expectantly”