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When Few Becomes More

We all have 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes in our hands. This is what I realize as I hear our Pastor preach from the pulpit this Sunday on the passage in John 6:1-15 (Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand). As I sat on the chair, I reflected, “What have I also to offer toContinue reading “When Few Becomes More”

Wanting to Hide

We all have a role in the kingdom of God. Sometimes we are tempted to compare our performance to others which always leads to something that is not pleasing to God. Comparison eithers breeds superiority or inferiority because none of us are exactly the same. But when we realize and accept the truth that allContinue reading “Wanting to Hide”

Remembering with Thankfulness

Shared life strengthens bond. I remember the first time I stepped into our classroom in college. The first day in school was a bit daunting for a shy, introvert girl like me. I sat at the front row and somewhere in the center of the room to keep me more focused to the teacher. So,Continue reading “Remembering with Thankfulness”