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A Teacher’s Reflection

I never dreamed to be a teacher. I became one because my parents wanted me to. But, I realized that nothing is out of God’s plan when we submit to Him so even my being a teacher is part of His sovereign and perfect plan. In later years, I came to savor the rewards ofContinue reading “A Teacher’s Reflection”

The Love of God

When we consider the love of God for us, we cannot help but be awed and humbled. A perfect, wise, and mighty God loves sinners enough to give His one and only Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross so that all who believes in Him shall not perish in hell but have eternalContinue reading “The Love of God”

Like Noah and Lot

We must look at the world with truthful eyes. The eyes must be enlightened by the Word of God. Without the Word of God, we may see the world either as a beautiful place of our final destination or as a chaotic world of injustice that destroys many lives. When the Word of God isContinue reading “Like Noah and Lot”