Sin No More

God’s grace releases us from condemnation. It is rightly called grace because we do not deserve it from a loving and perfect God. Even with the darkness of sin in us, God can forgive us completely and treat us without condemnation. A love that is so accepting that it powerfully transforms us to change andContinue reading “Sin No More”

Imitators of God

We imitate who we look up to. I remember when I was still a child and I loved to watch my favorite singer or actress on TV. Sometimes, I would try to imitate how they dress up or how they do their hair. Familiar, right? I see teens do the same thing today. We haveContinue reading “Imitators of God”

Tenderheartedness and Forgiveness

A loving heart is tenderhearted. Who is so Spirit-filled and not tenderhearted? Who walks with God and not tenderhearted? Anyone whose life is deeply rooted in God has a loving heart. And the heart that loves is always tenderhearted. A tender heart is marked by compassion and sympathy. It is not being weak and gullible.Continue reading “Tenderheartedness and Forgiveness”

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