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Slow to Anger

Swift to hear My prayer today To listen well In a gentle way.Slow to speak Lord, I pray Not to judge Or rushly say.Slow to anger O, Lord I pray Patience in allGrace every day. Self-control is one of the most difficult things to do. Controlling the tongue to not speak when it is soContinue reading “Slow to Anger”

Love that Stays

I’ve seen love That easily changes Like shifting moods Broken into pieces.I’ve seen love That fades awayLike a misty fog It doesn’t stay.I’ve seen love That promised forever Like a fleeting breeze It grows to never.Yet, I met Love That stays and clingsHis name is Jesus Christ Perfect love He brings.Now I know love That’sContinue reading “Love that Stays”

Never Thrown Out

Rejection wounds deep. This world is full of wounded people. Many of them have experienced rejection in different forms. I for one had experienced numerous rejections. I grew up feeling rejected by my own mother. I was rejected by some friends and classmates. We are not every one’s cup of tea for sure, but sometimes,Continue reading “Never Thrown Out”