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Remembering with Thankfulness

Shared life strengthens bond. I remember the first time I stepped into our classroom in college. The first day in school was a bit daunting for a shy, introvert girl like me. I sat at the front row and somewhere in the center of the room to keep me more focused to the teacher. So,Continue reading “Remembering with Thankfulness”

Gift of Friendship

A wonderful surprise from a friend and colleague. Just the other night when the rain was pattering on the roof and I felt the cold wind rushing through our open windows, I had a lovely surpise that brought warmth to my heart. I could not remember when someone made a poem for me. But thisContinue reading “Gift of Friendship”

The Christian Church During This Pandemic

I am an only child born to Christian parents. As long as my mind could weave back to the farthest past, I have always been going to church. Sunday is church time for the family. My father never missed out church. Not until he grew old and sickly. I do remember grumbling in my heartContinue reading “The Christian Church During This Pandemic”