Lacking Nothing of any Good Thing

Good things are blessings from God. The word good may be subjective. People can have different views about what is a good thing and what is not based on the values, culture, and belief. Sometimes, what we deem as good in this world is not in truth good because it runs contrary to what theContinue reading “Lacking Nothing of any Good Thing”

When Few Becomes More

We all have 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes in our hands. This is what I realize as I hear our Pastor preach from the pulpit this Sunday on the passage in John 6:1-15 (Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand). As I sat on the chair, I reflected, “What have I also to offer toContinue reading “When Few Becomes More”

My Shepherd

The LORD is my Shepherd.Take confidence my soul.Be at peace my spirit.Let my heart rejoice.Let my mind exults.My Shepherd leads me.He leads me by the hand.He brings me to still waters.He satisfies my longing.He satisfies my needs.No need is too great.No trouble is too big.At the Shepherd’s staff,I am comforted. I am helped.He embraces meContinue reading “My Shepherd”

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