Test of Obedience

Treat God’s tests as major exams in life. Taking a major exam would mean we need to pass it the best way we can. That would mean that we made all the preparations needed mentally, physically, materially, emotionally and spiritually. We reviewed lessons thoroughly and prayed hard that we will be able to answer itemsContinue reading “Test of Obedience”

Keep On, Press On

Obedience to God is a day to day and a lifetime requirement. It has no expiration date. It does not change according to culture change or evolution of ideas of people over time. God’s truth in the Bible is timeless and it is applicable today as it was many centuries ago. God’s Word and whatContinue reading “Keep On, Press On”

From Pit to Prison to Palace

It was a blessing to be in church and listen to God’s message. I want to share important insights I gleaned from the sermon. God allows difficulties to train us for righteousness. A Christian life is not a bed of roses and it does not ensure an easy life all the time. God does notContinue reading “From Pit to Prison to Palace”

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