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A Different Way

God answers our prayers according to His loving and perfect will. Oftentimes, our understanding of God’s love is veiled by the trying times. We could not immediately understand how God’s work of grace is present during difficult times in our life. Yet, even in the turbulent moments of life, from the time we cry toContinue reading “A Different Way”

Don’t Be Afraid

What rocks your boat? The darkest windy time of our life is usually what shakes us the most. It rocks us and makes us cower in fear. The disciples felt this fear when they were already out at sea in the darkness and the wind was blowing hard. It is a terrifying moment to beContinue reading “Don’t Be Afraid”

Yes, I am Surrounded!

It depends upon where you are looking at. When you look at the problem around you, you will feel overwhelmed by it all. When you look at God, you will feel hopeful. When your eyes focus on the problem, you will feel surrounded by the problem but when you turn your eyes to the LORD,Continue reading “Yes, I am Surrounded!”