A Love Letter to God

God’s love for us is without equal. When I ponder on the cross and how Jesus Christ willingly suffered and died so that anyone who believes in Him can have eternal life, it just blows my mind away. Others might regard Jesus’s death and resurrection as myth or fictitious, but for me I believe itContinue reading “A Love Letter to God”

Marks of Love

Love is not subjective,It is exact and defined.It is God’s greatest gift,Glorious and divine!Love is not man’s thing,It is God-conceived.It is created by the King,Eternal blessing we receive.Love is not hot-tempered,It is patient and kind.It heals wounds and hatred,Stirring hope to shine.Love is never envious,It doesn’t brag nor demean.It is selfless and gracious,Spurring others toContinue reading “Marks of Love”

Owe No One Except Love

We owe love to one another. We are indebted to one another. We have the obligation to love one another. We are to love not only those who are good to us but even our enemies. We owe love to our enemies. This is definitely one of the hardest things to do. To love othersContinue reading “Owe No One Except Love”

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