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Every Reason to Praise

What do you praise God for today? We can have many reasons and every reason to praise the Lord. As the song by Matt Redman says, “10, 000 reasons for my heart to find”. We can find reasons to worship God or thank God because everything around us shows His glory and grace. I enjoyContinue reading “Every Reason to Praise”

My Praise Report

God knows how to put a genuine and heart-deep cheer on our faces. We could not be happy all the time or cheerful at all times. Life’s challenges can make us frown and gloomy at times. However, when we cast our cares upon the Lord and rest in Him, the frown and gloom do notContinue reading “My Praise Report”


Thank you, Lord Jesus my Lord and Savior for your every day graces. I can not fully fathom how your love covers every wrong that I do. I praise you and I give you thanks because of your loving kindness. Indeed, your mercy never fails. They are new every morning. 🙏