Test of Obedience

Treat God’s tests as major exams in life. Taking a major exam would mean we need to pass it the best way we can. That would mean that we made all the preparations needed mentally, physically, materially, emotionally and spiritually. We reviewed lessons thoroughly and prayed hard that we will be able to answer itemsContinue reading “Test of Obedience”

On Being an Encourager

We have God-given will, strength, and determination to endure stress to the body. It is inherent of us. We can face difficulties and troubles with resilience and tenacity. We may differ in how we cope and how long we are able to endure, but all of us have the capacity to sustain strength and hopeContinue reading “On Being an Encourager”

Accepting Correction

Any discipline can be unpleasant. Do you still remember the time when your father disciplined you for something you did that displeased him? There were several times, right? You may have been grounded for a time from going out with friends. Or for some weeks, you are not allowed to use the internet. The listContinue reading “Accepting Correction”

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