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A Different Way

God answers our prayers according to His loving and perfect will. Oftentimes, our understanding of God’s love is veiled by the trying times. We could not immediately understand how God’s work of grace is present during difficult times in our life. Yet, even in the turbulent moments of life, from the time we cry toContinue reading “A Different Way”

Joy During Testing

What temptation tests you the most? Temptation refers to an allurement or enticement to do evil. We may experience tempting things and situations from time to time. Each temptation tests our faith and strength to say no and to choose what is good and pleasing to God. We do not normally like temptation because itContinue reading “Joy During Testing”

But I Trust in You, Lord

Testing and trials can make or break our faith. The stress and strain are factors that contribute to the breaking point of a material. A stick, for example, no matter how hard it is, would eventually break when the stress and strain go beyond its elastic strength. People are also experiencing stress and strain inContinue reading “But I Trust in You, Lord”