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When My Wine Runs Out

When my wine runs out,Jesus, I know you’re there.I can call your name,Because you always care.When my wine runs out,In the middle of my feasting,I can call you, Jesus,And trust in your saving.When my wine runs out,I’ll call you, Jesus!When I’m helpless,I’ll choose to hold and trust.When my wine runs out,I still believe in You.AllContinue reading “When My Wine Runs Out”

Seeking God in the Day of Trouble

Seek God and you will never get lost. Rarely do people naturally seek for God in the truest sense. Oftentimes, we seek a semblance of God or a substitutional “idea” or “object” for God believing that it is God. But it is not God, it is a god. This is the result of sin. SinContinue reading “Seeking God in the Day of Trouble”