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Like a Kiss on the Lips

Teach me each day, Lord To speak in truthTo say in honestyWhat I need and should.Help me each day, LordTo not cower in fearTo succumb to liesBut be honest for real.Guide me each day, LordThat I may please YouThat I may walk in truthIn all that I say and do.Bless me each day, LordThat IContinue reading “Like a Kiss on the Lips”


Who is sinful? We could be deceived to think that we are without sin especially when we have not committed obvious and notorious sins as murder and theft. But the Bible says that all of us have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). “… for all have sinned, and fallContinue reading “Forgiven”

Follow the Truth

This is a reblog of my post on March 20, 2021 The world is a crossroad of truths and choices. It tries to strongly convince people that truth is subjective and relative. It brings philosophy to a more personal level by tolerating what is true to one person even if it is not moral orContinue reading “Follow the Truth”