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Yet I Will Rejoice in the LORD

The recent tragedy in our City due to the catastrophic flooding brought great losses to many. It’s sorrowful to see our friends and loved ones losing their houses, livestock, and all their precious belongings during the strong typhoon. Some had lost family members and friends who drowned in the flood. Many sense the onslaught ofContinue reading “Yet I Will Rejoice in the LORD”

Steadfast Heart

What is your cave experience? Psalms 57 is the cave experience of David. He hid in the cave because King Saul was pursuing him. David had to run away and hide or else he will be killed by the king he was dutifully and loyally serving. We can have cave moments too. The time ofContinue reading “Steadfast Heart”

Loss for Gain

God has a good purpose for all things He allows to happen in our life. It is difficult to fully comprehend how things will work out for good but God holds all things in His sovereign hand to bring His purpose to completion. It is this truth that we should remember when trusting becomes difficult.Continue reading “Loss for Gain”