Loving the Unpopular

It is not easy to be unpopular. We may experience being unpopular when we differ from the majority. Maybe we have different manner, different opinion, different view, different principle, different skill, or different economic and social status. Sometimes, a person can become unpopular when one shows exemplary skill or personality. The “green-eyed” people in theContinue reading “Loving the Unpopular”

What Little Left

Sometimes we feel small and we feel like we don’t belong. There are instances in our life when we question our worth. This world can be good at separating the rich and the poor, the literate and the illiterate, the beautiful and the ugly, and so many more discriminations in every form. Those who fallContinue reading “What Little Left”

Unfailing Compassion

Tell God whatever it is that bothers you. Whether it is a small thing or a big thing, God is concerned of anything that bothers us. I remember, occasions before when I would tell God, “Lord, I like to eat mango, today.” Then, later in the day, a friend passed by and gave me mangoes.Continue reading “Unfailing Compassion”

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