Journey to Healing: “Rejection”

An insightful and rich message about feelings and experiences of rejection and healing from it by Georgetta Head on Everyone in this world has encountered the enemy of “rejection.” Rejection is the root cause for many of our character flaws such as, anger, … Journey to Healing: “Rejection”

He Has Been There

Empathy is most felt when we experience what others have experienced. It is difficult to relate deeply with what others have gone through if we have not experienced the same situation as they did. The difficulties and suffering of people with terminal illness can only be fully felt by people who are experiencing the sameContinue reading “He Has Been There”

Loving the Unpopular

It is not easy to be unpopular. We may experience being unpopular when we differ from the majority. Maybe we have different manner, different opinion, different view, different principle, different skill, or different economic and social status. Sometimes, a person can become unpopular when one shows exemplary skill or personality. The “green-eyed” people in theContinue reading “Loving the Unpopular”

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