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Heart at Peace

Life indeed is much more than food. The idea is not mine originally. Jesus says this in Matthew 6:25 about why we should not worry regarding our food and clothing. We are concerned with our basic needs to the point that they become our driving force as to why we need to work and whyContinue reading “Heart at Peace”

A Love Letter to God

God’s love for us is without equal. When I ponder on the cross and how Jesus Christ willingly suffered and died so that anyone who believes in Him can have eternal life, it just blows my mind away. Others might regard Jesus’s death and resurrection as myth or fictitious, but for me I believe itContinue reading “A Love Letter to God”

You Shall Not Fall

When “time dilation” happens between the righteous and the wicked, we judge life as unfair. In Physics, time dilation is when an observer sees time slows down in a clock moving relative to him. Well, I am going to use this concept quite figuratively. Prosperity and success have their own pace in life. People doContinue reading “You Shall Not Fall”