The Mountains Beckon

Oh the beauty of the hills and the mountains, and the rivers and streams. God’s creations are majestic. Indeed, they reflect the glory of the LORD. My spirit is refreshed today. The noisy crickets, cool rushing waters, and the fresh air made my day. I am sharing some of the pictures I took while outContinue reading “The Mountains Beckon”

Muchas Gracias (In Chabacano and English)

Con todo del mi corazon, With all of me and my heart, Y con todo del mi atencion, My whole attention I impart. Mi gratitud dol un cancion, Like a grateful song to hark. Dol canciones de inspiracion, Songs of inspiration to write. Ta kita con fuersa todo ilusion, Illusion’s broken with might. Y taContinue reading “Muchas Gracias (In Chabacano and English)”

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