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Standing on Level Ground

I do not need to fear,When troubles come,For I know you’re near,You hold me in your hand.I do not need to worry,When I hear bad news,For you keep me steady,My faith I won’t lose.I do not need to feel down,When high mountains rise,You give me level ground,Make me sure-footed and wise. God makes us sure-footedContinue reading “Standing on Level Ground”

The LORD is Peace

Money can’t buy peace of mind. They say, money can’t buy happiness. It is true because happiness can be attained when one is at peace within. Peace of mind is one of the strongest connection to true happiness. There may be other things that contribute to our happiness, but without peace of mind, happiness isContinue reading “The LORD is Peace”

Our Place of Refuge

We all need a place of refuge. A place of refuge is also called a sanctuary or an asylum because it is where a person could go to in times of distress or danger. All people come face to face with distress. How aweful it must be for people who could not find a placeContinue reading “Our Place of Refuge”