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Gaining Great in this World

Great gain in God’s definition is something many of us fail to truly understand. I thought great gain means riches, power, fame, and great successes. Aren’t these things great gain? Apparently, the Bible teaches that they’re not. Material prosperity rules the world of competition and race for success. What are our marks for a successfulContinue reading “Gaining Great in this World”

A Second Look at Social Status

Social media has crowded the digital world with impressive status. It has become a show off of beauty, opulence, extravagance, and all the great social status that pictures and videos could capture. In a way, social media is like a journal notebook that chronicles mostly the bests times of our life. The only difference isContinue reading “A Second Look at Social Status”

How to Have Good Success

Not all success is good. Not all prosperity is good. Success and prosperity may take the appearance of a most desirable ambition, but not all success and prosperity are good. I often wonder why some people try to push their way and force situations to move in their favor so they could gain ahead andContinue reading “How to Have Good Success”