Heart of Honor

When we honor God, we look at our adversaries as friends. Maybe inconceivable for many of us, even for those who are loyal church goers, but the truth is when we abide in God and His Spirit rules in our life, He makes things possible that are not possible with man. It is not normalContinue reading “Heart of Honor”

Being Deaf to Unkindness

The nobler way to deal with unkindess is silence. Of course, there is always an exception to the rule. But when we are confronted with unkindness and injustice, it is unwise to avenge and to retaliate. Silence is not defeat or weakness. Sometimes, it is better and wiser to turn our head the other wayContinue reading “Being Deaf to Unkindness”

How to Have Good Success

Not all success is good. Not all prosperity is good. Success and prosperity may take the appearance of a most desirable ambition, but not all success and prosperity are good. I often wonder why some people try to push their way and force situations to move in their favor so they could gain ahead andContinue reading “How to Have Good Success”

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