God is Sovereign

Take a pause and remember that everything is in God’s control. The election here in the Philippines has finally ended and all eyes are glued on TV to see who is topping the charts for President, Vice President, Senators, Mayor, and Vice Mayor. When election was drawing near, we were bombarded by various information aboutContinue reading “God is Sovereign”

A Kind Word

Speak words that spark life. How many lives have been broken because of wounding words spoken? How many spirits are crushed because of careless words? How many minds and hearts have been scarred because of thoughtless words? How many lives have been damaged because of hurtful words? Words have such great power. The words weContinue reading “A Kind Word”

Held by God

Jesus Christ is our Shepherd. He cares for us, protects us, and defends us. Like sheeps who are in danger of wolves, we are in danger of the attacks of Satan which steal our joy and our peace. Jesus Christ gives us security. We are assured of His constant presence. He never leaves us norContinue reading “Held by God”

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