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The Love of God

When we consider the love of God for us, we cannot help but be awed and humbled. A perfect, wise, and mighty God loves sinners enough to give His one and only Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross so that all who believes in Him shall not perish in hell but have eternalContinue reading “The Love of God”

Jesus Bore Our Sins

I look  at the cross There my Savior’s love For all the worst and lost He turned it good from bad.Lord, you knew from the start,Our sins you need to bear.Yet still with all your heart,You love us and you care.Who else would take our shame?Not even us who sin and fall.Who else would takeContinue reading “Jesus Bore Our Sins”

Never Thrown Out

Rejection wounds deep. This world is full of wounded people. Many of them have experienced rejection in different forms. I for one had experienced numerous rejections. I grew up feeling rejected by my own mother. I was rejected by some friends and classmates. We are not every one’s cup of tea for sure, but sometimes,Continue reading “Never Thrown Out”