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Choose to Hear with Gladness

The Word of God either stirs up anger or it stirs up joy. It depends on the state of the person’s heart. When the heart is ready to accept the truth, it can easily acknowledge and embrace the Word of God. Joy fills up the person’s heart. On the contrary, when the person’s heart isContinue reading “Choose to Hear with Gladness”


The Bible is accurate and reliable. It is unchanging yet it is applicable through all time from one generation to another. It is timeless. Unbelief does not nullify it. Skepticism does not diminish its truth. It remains to be true for all time. I have realized that there is no one who we could dependContinue reading “Flawless”

What Are We Thirsty For?

There are four principles we need to maintain: First, read the Word of God. Second, consume the Word of God until it consumes you. Third, believe the Word of God. Fourth, act on the Word of God. — Smith Wigglesworth “The devil knows if he can capture your thought life, he has won a mightyContinue reading “What Are We Thirsty For?”