Rest and Victory

Have you ever felt so worn out and weary that you yearn for rest deep within your soul? It is amazing how being emotionally and mentally tired could affect our physical bodies. It is as if every particle in our spirit translates and transmits every kinetic energy of weariness to our physical state. But justContinue reading “Rest and Victory”

God Fights for You

God delivers you from troubles and from your enemies. For God’s children, there is always hope in the midst of troubles. Even when enemy surrounds, hope does not fade away. King David did not lose hope when he was fleeing from his rebellious son Absalom. He prayed to God for he knew that God wasContinue reading “God Fights for You”

Victory Over the World

Faith is the way to please to God. Faith is more than just a head knowledge belief that a Superior Being exist. It is sure belief that Jesus is the Son of God who made an atoning sacrifice for our sins. The Bible defines faith as “Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, proofContinue reading “Victory Over the World”

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