Rest and Victory

Have you ever felt so worn out and weary that you yearn for rest deep within your soul? It is amazing how being emotionally and mentally tired could affect our physical bodies. It is as if every particle in our spirit translates and transmits every kinetic energy of weariness to our physical state. But justContinue reading “Rest and Victory”

Neither Few or Many (A Poem)

Neither few or many,In little or in muchBe still, don’t worry,Have faith and watch.By few or by manyNo difference it makes.God can work greatly,His power overtakes.Whether few or manyAs Jonathan believed,God can save mightilyYes, mightily He did!If you’re few or many,Don’t trust the count.Let faith move and carry,And miracles will abound. Jonathan’s faith in GodContinue reading “Neither Few or Many (A Poem)”

Mightier is our God

Majority does not always win. Yes, it does not with God. A great number of people is nothing. A huge army is nothing. The number is not the main concern. When God is with us, His strength is greater than any huge force or number of opponents and obstacles we have. Therefore, a great numberContinue reading “Mightier is our God”

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