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In the Day of Trouble

Who do you call in the day of trouble? Life is made up of good days and bad days. We go easy on good days. But bad days can be challenging. They are also days that test our resilience and our faith. When troubles come, our faith is tested to the core. Our eyes openContinue reading “In the Day of Trouble”

Faith, Love, and Hope

We are to be expectant of Jesus Christ’s second coming. Christians not only knew this. Christians are mindful of this. Christians are looking forward to this. Christians prepare for this. The future is unknown, but one thing sure is Christ’s return. It should not come as a surprise to Christians. Thus we need to fixContinue reading “Faith, Love, and Hope”

When My Wine Runs Out

When my wine runs out,Jesus, I know you’re there.I can call your name,Because you always care.When my wine runs out,In the middle of my feasting,I can call you, Jesus,And trust in your saving.When my wine runs out,I’ll call you, Jesus!When I’m helpless,I’ll choose to hold and trust.When my wine runs out,I still believe in You.AllContinue reading “When My Wine Runs Out”