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In Loving Memory of our “Spiritual Mother”

It seems just like yesterday when she was still with us. But now, like a dream, she’s gone. Ate Tessie, as most of us fondly calls her, is our Pastor, mother, and supporter in the church. She’s missionary by heart. For many of us, she has always been a “spiritual mother”. She had groomed us,Continue reading “In Loving Memory of our “Spiritual Mother””

Never Thrown Out

Rejection wounds deep. This world is full of wounded people. Many of them have experienced rejection in different forms. I for one had experienced numerous rejections. I grew up feeling rejected by my own mother. I was rejected by some friends and classmates. We are not every one’s cup of tea for sure, but sometimes,Continue reading “Never Thrown Out”

Love that Covers

Nothing is more powerful,Or gracious and strong.But love that’s pureThat covers all wrong!Nothing is more noble,Or beautiful to behold.But love undiluted,That’s pure as gold.Nothing is more outstanding,Or such greater worth,But Christlike love, That’s real and bold. “And above all things be earnest in your love among yourselves, for love covers a multitude of sins.” –Continue reading “Love that Covers”