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Never Thrown Out

Rejection wounds deep. This world is full of wounded people. Many of them have experienced rejection in different forms. I for one had experienced numerous rejections. I grew up feeling rejected by my own mother. I was rejected by some friends and classmates. We are not every one’s cup of tea for sure, but sometimes,Continue reading “Never Thrown Out”


Sin is the reason for brokenness, dischord, and anything that is ugly and displeasing. Where sin resides, hate and chaos abound. Sin breaks the ultimate plan of God but sin lost its battle against God Almighty. Sin has no power over lives that live in surrender to God. Sin cannot overpower surrendered people. Those whoseContinue reading “Forgiven”

Sin No More

God’s grace releases us from condemnation. It is rightly called grace because we do not deserve it from a loving and perfect God. Even with the darkness of sin in us, God can forgive us completely and treat us without condemnation. A love that is so accepting that it powerfully transforms us to change andContinue reading “Sin No More”