Give Thanks with Your Whole Heart

I thank You, Lord,My life, my hope,My strength, my peace,My joy, my shield!I thank You, Lord,For all You’ve doneFor all your goodness,Like the rising sun.I thank You, Lord,For every blessing,Each day’s refreshing,Your love’s restoring. There are so many things to thank God for each day. Just the other day, I was looking at the flowers,Continue reading “Give Thanks with Your Whole Heart”

A Good Thing to Proclaim

Giving thanks to God is a good thing. Good things are things that are favorable and profitable. When something good happens, we feel happy, encouraged, and inspired. When we do good, we contribute to what is profitable for others, what is kind, and what is right. Doing a good thing is one of the importantContinue reading “A Good Thing to Proclaim”

Give Thanks (A Poem)

I give thanks to the LordFor every breath I takeFor this life He gaveFor every moment I wake.I give thanks to the LordFor my eyes that could seeFor His splendor and majestyFor all creations’ beauty.I give thanks to the LordFor all I taste and feel,For the blessing of will,For His grace so real.I give thanksContinue reading “Give Thanks (A Poem)”

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