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Sleeping in Peace

Peaceful sleep is a blessing from God. It is God’s grace. And when we wake up to another rising sun, another grace is bestowed upon us by our Almighty Father. Imagine working all day and not being able to sleep well at night. It is devastating to ones health, both mentally and physically. So whatContinue reading “Sleeping in Peace”

Seek Peace

Do you desire length of days? It is natural for us to want to live long. We want to grow old and see better days. We desire to be grand dads and grand moms and see our children and grand children living happily. The Bible is a treasure of wisdom for living. Some people seekContinue reading “Seek Peace”

The LORD is Peace

Money can’t buy peace of mind. They say, money can’t buy happiness. It is true because happiness can be attained when one is at peace within. Peace of mind is one of the strongest connection to true happiness. There may be other things that contribute to our happiness, but without peace of mind, happiness isContinue reading “The LORD is Peace”