Godly Deviant

Carrying the cross is at a cost. When we decide to choose God, we choose to deny ourselves and the world. This the responsibility that goes with the freedom we have in Jesus. There are sacrifices to be made. While grace of God is completely free, we don’t receive it and then just go onContinue reading “Godly Deviant”

Light (A Poem)

Void.The relentless pullOf darknessOf meaninglessPaths of life.Cold.The firm icy gripOf emotionlessOf impassivenessFeel of life.Dark.The call of blurry roadOf unseen cliffOf crevice steepValleys of life.Shadow.The whisper of prayerOf cries withinOf wanting to winVoices of life.Light.The answer to prayerOf good daysOf Jesus’ graceHope of life.

Have They Heard?

Your faith is meant to be shared. Faith is not just a belief on a created being you call God or you call “the man up there” or others even call him G. It is a deep conviction and committed obedience in the God whose name is Jesus. This faith you have in Jesus isContinue reading “Have They Heard?”

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