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Watch your Walk

Watch your walk As a child of light In faith behold And not in sight.Walk in God’s light And not in darkness Shine clear and bright And not in grimness.Walk in straight path Bring light to all Through the Son of God Helping each heed God’s call.Walk with God’s love Sharing and caring With wisdomContinue reading “Watch your Walk”

God is my Lamp

We seek the light. Both literally and metaphorically, we seek light because we could not find comfort, security, and clarity in darkness. Literally, man looked for ways and means to start a fire and invent electricity and the bulb. Metaphorically, we always seek to rise above the darkness of our life. May it be aContinue reading “God is my Lamp”

Godly Deviant

Carrying the cross is at a cost. When we decide to choose God, we choose to deny ourselves and the world. This the responsibility that goes with the freedom we have in Jesus. There are sacrifices to be made. While grace of God is completely free, we don’t receive it and then just go onContinue reading “Godly Deviant”