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Love that Covers

Nothing is more powerful,Or gracious and strong.But love that’s pureThat covers all wrong!Nothing is more noble,Or beautiful to behold.But love undiluted,That’s pure as gold.Nothing is more outstanding,Or such greater worth,But Christlike love, That’s real and bold. “And above all things be earnest in your love among yourselves, for love covers a multitude of sins.” –Continue reading “Love that Covers”

Imitators of God

We imitate who we look up to. I remember when I was still a child and I loved to watch my favorite singer or actress on TV. Sometimes, I would try to imitate how they dress up or how they do their hair. Familiar, right? I see teens do the same thing today. We haveContinue reading “Imitators of God”

Heart of Honor

When we honor God, we look at our adversaries as friends. Maybe inconceivable for many of us, even for those who are loyal church goers, but the truth is when we abide in God and His Spirit rules in our life, He makes things possible that are not possible with man. It is not normalContinue reading “Heart of Honor”