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Sleeping in Peace

Peaceful sleep is a blessing from God. It is God’s grace. And when we wake up to another rising sun, another grace is bestowed upon us by our Almighty Father. Imagine working all day and not being able to sleep well at night. It is devastating to ones health, both mentally and physically. So whatContinue reading “Sleeping in Peace”

Every Reason to Praise

What do you praise God for today? We can have many reasons and every reason to praise the Lord. As the song by Matt Redman says, “10, 000 reasons for my heart to find”. We can find reasons to worship God or thank God because everything around us shows His glory and grace. I enjoyContinue reading “Every Reason to Praise”

Accepting the Truth

Does the gospel bless you or offend you? It takes humility to have faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in life. When we meet Jesus and His love for us, we just understand deep within our hearts and consciousness that it is all about Him. We have nothing to boast about because weContinue reading “Accepting the Truth”