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My Praise Report

God knows how to put a genuine and heart-deep cheer on our faces. We could not be happy all the time or cheerful at all times. Life’s challenges can make us frown and gloomy at times. However, when we cast our cares upon the Lord and rest in Him, the frown and gloom do notContinue reading “My Praise Report”

When It’s Your Time

Only what’s done for Christ will last. Nothing else highly matters as this. Nothing else is worth spending one’s life than this. Nothing else counts the most but how we live our life for Christ. We can have so many desires and ambitions in life. We want to get rich, to be successful, to beContinue reading “When It’s Your Time”

The Power of God’s Word

A fast-paced world gives an impression of progress and success, but many people pay a costly price for such trend in lifestyle. More and more become emotionally and mentally restless. We think that the more we desire, the more we aspire, the more we work, and achieve, the bettee our life will be. However, itContinue reading “The Power of God’s Word”