The Shot of Faith

Have you ever encountered a problem too huge for you to handle? One which seems like a looming giant that could easily trample you under his foot. One that turns your world upside down. One that seems impossible to overcome. If you have, you are not alone. David, when he was still a shepherd boy,Continue reading “The Shot of Faith”

God Helps Us Overcome our Fears

God knows our fears. It is usual for us to be secretive of our fears. We keep them inside because telling others about things that we fear make us vulnerable. And the feeling of vulnerability is not something comfortable for many of us. We hide our fears from people and sometimes we pretend that everythingContinue reading “God Helps Us Overcome our Fears”

Few but Willing

Numbers mean nothing when the heart is not willing. What pride could we have with huge number of people when the majority of them are not willing to do the job? What greatness could we have with a huge crowd of believers if there is just a handful who are willing to serve? What useContinue reading “Few but Willing”

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