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Neither Few or Many (A Poem)

Neither few or many,
In little or in much
Be still, don’t worry,
Have faith and watch.

By few or by many
No difference it makes.
God can work greatly,
His power overtakes.

Whether few or many
As Jonathan believed,
God can save mightily
Yes, mightily He did!

If you’re few or many,
Don’t trust the count.
Let faith move and carry,
And miracles will abound.

Jonathan’s faith in God in 1 Samuel 14 is commendable. Jonathan, without the knowledge of his father Saul, asked his armor bearer to go with him against the Philistines.

“Jonathan said to the young man who bore his armor, ‘Come! Let’s go over to the garrison of these uncircumcised. It may be that Yahweh will work for us, for there is no restraint on Yahweh to save by many or by few.’ ”

1 Samuel 14:6 (WEB)

Jonathan bravely faced and showed themselves to the Philistines because Jonathan believed that the LORD had delivered the Philistines into their hands. That day, Jonathan and his armor bearer slaughtered a great number of Philistines that it caused great trembling catching the attention of King Saul and his army. The Philistines fled away and the LORD saved Israel (1 Samuel 14:1-23).

Two versus a multitude. We would often think it is a lost cause. It is a no win situation. Let us learn from Jonathan. He and his armor bearer fought against Israel’s enemies absolutely disregarding themselves but entirely looking unto the source of their power and salvation — the LORD! Jonathan knew that the Philistines were great in number, but He also knew that the God of Israel was greater! If Jonathan had looked and trusted on himself, he could shrank in fear. But Jonathan thought of only one thing and that was the very thing that God wants us to think about in our life. Think of God and trust Him. Like Jonathan, we must set our mind intentionally, sincerely, and intently on the source of victory. Look unto God with faith.

You may think you are alone fighting your battle. You may be surrounded by a multitude of “enemies” or a multitude of challenges that by appearances could render you faithless, worried, fearful, and weak. Remember this, the victory from the LORD never rests in numbers. God can move and work out victory by a few or by a multitude. Only trust and believe that God had given all of these “challenges” into your hand in surrender. When you trust the Lord, He will work things out for you.

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

16 thoughts on “Neither Few or Many (A Poem)

  1. I used to believe that if God is with you even if all of them are against you, you are victorious, but even if everyone is with you however God is displeased with you, disappointment is always the end result. This is very true. That’s why in every thing that I do, i always want to gain the favor of the Lord. I do it by through this ways: I always dedicate everything to God and ask help from Him, honor Him through my work, and most importantly, acknowledge that it is through His ways that it worked. This has always been effective. And the result, its always very overwhelming. It is because, even in most cases, the result is like not how i wanted it to be, but the peace within is so pleasant. It is because, I have already accepted that whatever result I have, it is God’s will. And His will is always perfect.
    This is the very reason why i can wholeheartedly be happy for others even if the situation favors them over me. Genuine peace is what we will experience if we are with the Lord. ❤️❤️❤️

    I have been with you in many competitions mam Deb, and unlike others, I have really seen how happy and blessed you are maskin kosa pa el result. And I want you to know that I always rejoice in your victories like you are in so many of us. I really thank God for your life, you truly inspires me. I love you❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you maam Aubrey for this reminder and enouragement too to always dedicate to the Lord all we do and leave it all to Him and we have genuine peace. Amen!

      Thankyou for your life too. You are a blessing to all of us. Take care! 🥰


    2. Thank you tamen Maam Aubrey for always inspiring me with your words. El na competition, by nature kasi daan iyo hinde competitive that is why I often feel “left out” or not really in it kasi okay lang comigo na perde kame and happy iyo pag ya gana or yan choose d aton uban na competition kasi for me de man gayot kita tan competition for real kay we need to choose the best for our Division Schools.. so este mentality, in a way may be good, but I think it also gets in my way to win,..kay okay lang man kumigo maskin hinde gana..hahaha. nah mira tu se.😅🤪


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