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A Grateful Heart

Thank you Lord for the year 2022 and thank you Lord for the comings days of 2023! Year 2022 did not happen as I planned. There were too many ups and downs and disappointments. I felt lost and many times I lose the drive, the spark to do the usual things that I enjoy doingContinue reading “A Grateful Heart”

Praising God

More precious than silver and gold God’s blessings upon me bestowed Nothing else can compare He richly gives without fail.Like the lame man seeking a giftI long for physical relief But you gave more and blessed my spirit Making me whole and complete.I am blessed and healed,My eternity is sure and sealed,In heaven with Jesus,Continue reading “Praising God”

Give Thanks with Your Whole Heart

I thank You, Lord,My life, my hope,My strength, my peace,My joy, my shield!I thank You, Lord,For all You’ve doneFor all your goodness,Like the rising sun.I thank You, Lord,For every blessing,Each day’s refreshing,Your love’s restoring. There are so many things to thank God for each day. Just the other day, I was looking at the flowers,Continue reading “Give Thanks with Your Whole Heart”