More Than Can be Counted

When I ponderOn the worksOf your handsI stand in wonderOf everythingYou have done.Your ways are kind.Your thoughts are loving.Your works are wonderful.Your grace is amazing.My life is too short,To tell of all things,You said and did,They are too great,And too many,More than can be counted,To declare or to speak!But every goodnessThat I taste and seeFromContinue reading “More Than Can be Counted”

Freewill Offering

What do you offer to God? Offerings are not uncommon to Israel in the Old Testament times. Even in non-Biblical practices, different cultures have different practices of offering as a form of worship or sacrifice. In Biblical worship, offering is a natural part of expressing praise and thankfulness to God. It also expresses the kindContinue reading “Freewill Offering”

A Good Thing to Proclaim

Giving thanks to God is a good thing. Good things are things that are favorable and profitable. When something good happens, we feel happy, encouraged, and inspired. When we do good, we contribute to what is profitable for others, what is kind, and what is right. Doing a good thing is one of the importantContinue reading “A Good Thing to Proclaim”

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