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A Grateful Heart

Thank you Lord for the year 2022 and thank you Lord for the comings days of 2023! Year 2022 did not happen as I planned. There were too many ups and downs and disappointments. I felt lost and many times I lose the drive, the spark to do the usual things that I enjoy doingContinue reading “A Grateful Heart”

Give Thanks (A Poem)

I give thanks to the LordFor every breath I takeFor this life He gaveFor every moment I wake.I give thanks to the LordFor my eyes that could seeFor His splendor and majestyFor all creations’ beauty.I give thanks to the LordFor all I taste and feel,For the blessing of will,For His grace so real.I give thanksContinue reading “Give Thanks (A Poem)”

Music of the Rain

What a lovely day! We woke up with the sound of the rain drumming through the rooftop. It is a lovely sound. Gentle and relaxing. With a good jazz music in the background plus coffee, it makes a perfect setting for me. Yes, I love the rain. Only the kind and gentle rain like thisContinue reading “Music of the Rain”