Music of the Rain

What a lovely day! We woke up with the sound of the rain drumming through the rooftop. It is a lovely sound. Gentle and relaxing. With a good jazz music in the background plus coffee, it makes a perfect setting for me. Yes, I love the rain. Only the kind and gentle rain like thisContinue reading “Music of the Rain”

Muchas Gracias!

My heart is full of gratefulness to be able to reach this. I may not be a very good writer but I thank you all and the WordPress community for the support and for your precious time. Above all, I praise God my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, for His grace and hand on myContinue reading “Muchas Gracias!”

Muchas Gracias (In Chabacano and English)

Con todo del mi corazon, With all of me and my heart, Y con todo del mi atencion, My whole attention I impart. Mi gratitud dol un cancion, Like a grateful song to hark. Dol canciones de inspiracion, Songs of inspiration to write. Ta kita con fuersa todo ilusion, Illusion’s broken with might. Y taContinue reading “Muchas Gracias (In Chabacano and English)”

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