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Praising God

More precious than silver and gold God’s blessings upon me bestowed Nothing else can compare He richly gives without fail.Like the lame man seeking a giftI long for physical relief But you gave more and blessed my spirit Making me whole and complete.I am blessed and healed,My eternity is sure and sealed,In heaven with Jesus,Continue reading “Praising God”

A Good Thing to Proclaim

Giving thanks to God is a good thing. Good things are things that are favorable and profitable. When something good happens, we feel happy, encouraged, and inspired. When we do good, we contribute to what is profitable for others, what is kind, and what is right. Doing a good thing is one of the importantContinue reading “A Good Thing to Proclaim”

Fit to Praise God

Uprightness comes from genuineness and sincerity to walk righteously. Upright is defined as “vertically straight”. It is being straight in thought, in word, and in deed. An upright person is someone who remains in the straight way of God and unchanging in principle and belief based on the Word of God. Uprightness does not bendContinue reading “Fit to Praise God”