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Teachers are Like Farmers

Teachers are like farmers,They plant many seeds,They bury it in the minds of learners,Day to day, they sow and give.They plant seeds of knowledge,Of hope, of peace, and more.They patiently care and encourage,Like farmers in their chore.They may look ordinary,Without sleek and luxurious style.But their job’s extraordinary,They shake the world to smile.Teachers plant progress,They makeContinue reading “Teachers are Like Farmers”

The Wise Reprover and the Listener

Blessed are you when someone corrects you. Being told what to do or how to do things may not always be a balm to the ego. It can also be an unwelcome advise to others. It stings to be corrected but the sting is momentary and if we dare to listen and obey wise correction,Continue reading “The Wise Reprover and the Listener”

The Blessing of Breaking

God’s correction and discipline are times of difficulties but they are times of great blessings too. When we err and we choose things that are not in the will of God for us we feel the harsh rod of the Shepherd. Sometimes we tend to doubt the love of God for us when He usesContinue reading “The Blessing of Breaking”