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In Need of God

Seeking God starts with needing Him. Let us face it. We never seek something that we do not need. It is the same with seeking God. We only start to genuinely seek God the moment we realize that we truly need God in our lives. All who seek God have experienced a hole in theirContinue reading “In Need of God”

What is Life?

What is life?That we toil and struggleFor things we worry and bother.But not for things that matter.What is life?We aspire for higher dreams.Greater plans and whims.But forget life’s not just to win.What is life?In the peak of youth and strength.To do things at great length.But life’s isn’t meaningfully spent.What is life?With fame and power atContinue reading “What is Life?”

Your Hope That Endures

Hope is the desire of something to be fulfilled in our life. Each one of us desires for something to happen in our life. In every stage of our life we have an ambition that we hope to come to fulfillment. When I was young, I just wanted to complete college and graduate. When IContinue reading “Your Hope That Endures”