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God is my Lamp

We seek the light. Both literally and metaphorically, we seek light because we could not find comfort, security, and clarity in darkness. Literally, man looked for ways and means to start a fire and invent electricity and the bulb. Metaphorically, we always seek to rise above the darkness of our life. May it be aContinue reading “God is my Lamp”

Light (A Poem)

Void.The relentless pullOf darknessOf meaninglessPaths of life.Cold.The firm icy gripOf emotionlessOf impassivenessFeel of life.Dark.The call of blurry roadOf unseen cliffOf crevice steepValleys of life.Shadow.The whisper of prayerOf cries withinOf wanting to winVoices of life.Light.The answer to prayerOf good daysOf Jesus’ graceHope of life.